You may lack overall confidence in the advice you are currently receiving; feel the relationship with your advisor has broken down; not trust the advice that is given; feel your solicitor is not listening to you or be unclear on the strategy adopted in your case despite requests to understand. You may have reached a critical point and lack confidence in the course of action proposed. We can help you.

In most cases, we will not need your existing file so your existing solicitors will not know that you are seeking a second opinion. We will tell you, clearly and comprehensively, if we take a different view to your existing solicitors or if we agree with the action proposed. In some cases, the strategy pursued on your behalf is sound but may not have been explained to you in the right way. By providing a second legal opinion, we may allow you to regain the confidence of knowing that your existing solicitor is on the right track or provide you with the right questions to ask of your existing solicitor to test that a particular strategy is in your best interests. There are occasions when, following advice from us by way of a second legal opinion, you may wish to transfer conduct of your matter from your existing solicitors to Purcell Solicitors and we can assist should that be your decision.


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