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Child Arrangements

Separation is difficult for everyone involved especially for children who may not fully understand what is going on.

It is important to create a safe environment and consistent routine for your children; putting their needs at the heart of your decisions. Sometimes, when emotions are high or there are complex issues, couples need the assistance of a family solicitor.

What We Offer

Mediation Services to Support Your Children

If you and your partner cannot settle on an agreement regarding your child’s living and care arrangements, in some cases mediation provides an alternative process to help you reach an agreement.

In the presence of an independent professional, both parents can voice their issues, concerns and preferences. Here at Purcell Solicitors, we encourage solutions that consider the needs of the whole family and in particular, the best interests of your children. We offer a wide range of services, n Milton Keynes and surrounding areas, including mediation or legal advice, depending on your needs.


Experts in Child Arrangement Orders

We are experienced in negotiating arrangements for children in a thoughtful and sensitive way and can assist with Parental Agreements and Parenting Plans.

We can also obtain Parental Responsibility, Child Arrangement Orders or other relevant Orders from the Court where necessary. A Child Arrangements Order is a legal document which includes details such as where a child will live, whom they’ll spend time with and for how long. We regularly advise on these and other issues concerning children such as relocation both within the UK and abroad.

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