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Finding A Solution Together

Something we have been asked a lot over the years has been whether one family lawyer giving legal advice to each partner is possible.

Despite the circumstances, we have met many couples who want to work together to separate in an amicable and transparent way, avoiding conflict, stress and delays.

What We Offer

How Does Resolution Together Work?

Initially, we will have an individual discussion with each of you to decide how we can help and whether Resolution Together is suitable.

You will then be invited to a joint meeting to share information and talk through matters in a constructive and focused way. You will both be given legal advice in respect of child arrangements and or financial issues on separation/divorce to help you reach a fair agreement. The aim is to achieve a workable solution, tailored to meet the needs of you and your family.

Making The Right Decisions, Together

Our new service, Resolution Together, allows us to assist you both together in reaching important decisions as you separate. Our aim is to make recommendations that will work for both of you as well as any children involved. This can include:

  • How to separate and divorce.
  • Financial matters to sort out the family home, other properties, savings, investments, businesses, pensions etc.
  • Planning for future events such as Christmas, birthdays or holidays.
  • How to parent together once you have separated.
  • Spousal and child maintenance.
  • How much time do the children spend with each family.

Once an agreement is reached, we can prepare documents to formally record the decisions made. This can be a Parenting Plan, a Separation Agreement or a Consent Order within divorce proceedings.

The Benefits of Resolution Together

A calm and collaborative environment can create the best outcomes. The team at Purcell Solicitors have seen the distress caused by separation and wanted to use their skills to minimise any upset in an already stressful situation. The result, Resolution Together, which:

  • Allows separating couples to reach a mutual agreement with legal advice.
  • Keeps relationships amicable and friendly.
  • Reduces any stress, anxiety or anger.
  • Avoids any delays in processing your divorce.
  • Provides reassurance and consistency for your children.
  • Information is shared with one family solicitor who can see the whole picture.

Who Are Purcell Solicitors?

We are a niche, specialist team of qualified Family Law Solicitors. Dedicated to using our specialised skillsets to support our clients through difficult periods in their lives. At any stage, the breakdown of a relationship is full of questions and challenges. The Purcell team provide a safe place where we can guide you through legal matters of finances, children’s welfare and separation.

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