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Hearing Your Side Of The Story

No one commits to someone with the intent of separating.

When you have planned a future together, it can be hard to process the reasons and figure out what happens next. Although there are many reasons why a relationship breaks down, Purcell Solicitors are here to navigate you through these changes. Finding the right solution to guide you into your next chapter.

What We Offer

Why Use a Divorce Solicitor?

Whether you are considering separation and need to understand your options, or have already parted from your partner, a divorce solicitor can provide professional advice.

As qualified family law specialists in Milton Keynes, our wealth of knowledge means we will plan the right resolution with you, ensuring you are not alone during difficult conversations and offering recommendations with your best interests in mind.

Our Divorce & Separation Services

Divorce Services

As you say, ‘I do’, you never think your marriage could end with divorce. When this happens, it becomes a very upsetting, anxious and stressful time especially when you consider all the ways you and your partner are connected through your home, cars, business and children.

Here at Purcell, we strive to help you find a resolution in a supportive and collaborative environment so you can make plans for your future. Guiding you through the divorce process and related matters such as negotiating financial settlements and arrangements for children.

Civil Partnership Separation

When it comes to dissolving a civil partnership, this can be requested as a couple or individual. It also follows a similar process to divorce, covering the same entitlements such as pensions, inheritance, finance and family arrangements.

Our team will talk you through the application stages and be by your side to dissolve your civil partnership. Offering support and legal and practical advice,in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas, whilst we help you reach a financial settlement as well as arrangements for any children involved.

Separation Services

Some couples need time apart before deciding on a course of action, and we can support you through this. You may not be ready to end your marriage, or perhaps not married at all, but still share a home, pets and family. All of which can get caught up in the stages of separation.

The law adopts a different approach to those who are not married and can become a complex area. We provide practical and knowledgeable advice on the best way forward, such as entering into a Deed of Separation along with setting your financial and family arrangements.

Why Use Purcell Solicitors?