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Protecting Your Parental Rights

Choosing to have a baby through surrogacy is a potential option to grow your family.

It is an exciting and emotional time, and when a third party is involved, can raise concerns over your rights as an intended parent. For a smooth and successful surrogacy experience, it’s essential to be aware of the legal issues by speaking to experts within this area.

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Why Use a Surrogacy Solicitor

When it comes to surrogacy, the process is complex. The law around surrogacy in the UK can be overwhelming to those involved, so it can help to have a surrogacy solicitor by your side from the start.

A Surrogacy Agreement is not enforceable in the UK, and Purcell cannot take part in any negotiations in surrogacy arrangements or review surrogacy contracts. It’s important you know any legal implications of surrogacy before embarking on your journey and we can answer any questions you may have.
Whether you’re a single parent or a couple wishing to use a surrogate, you will need to apply for a Parental Order to be recognised legally as the child’s parents and extinguish the surrogate’s parental rights. Our qualified solicitors in UK Surrogacy Law can walk you through the different stages, with the aim of you and your future child being protected.

Professional Advice

Surrogacy Solicitor Services

We are fully trained in the Surrogacy Laws for England and Wales, staying fully up-to-date with changes and requirements to these specific laws.

Our team can answer your questions or concerns, as well as provide professional advice when applying for a Parental Order.

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What Is A Parental Order?

A Parental Order for surrogacy is an application made to the Court transferring legal status as a parent from the surrogate to the intended parents.

This application must be submitted 6 weeks after the child is born but before they are 6 months old. This is a rapid and tense timeframe for new parents but a process which can’t be skipped. Without a parental order, you risk not becoming your child’s legal parent and having no say over their education, medical care and future decisions involving your child.

Whilst you’re navigating a newborn, our experienced and specialist team can support you with your application for a Parental Order.

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