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Creating A Safe Place To Call Home

With so many different family dynamics, there is no longer a one-size-fits-all when it comes to family law.

In the instance of couples who live together or those with blended family arrangements, these are particular areas of the law which can be extremely complex if a relationship ends and you are not protected. Our specialist solicitors can assist you with this area of law.

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Strengthening Your Relationship

Some couples see entering a contract as an insult towards themselves and their relationship.

However, you never know what lies ahead and it is sensible to protect your interests. A contract, called a Living Together Agreement, allows you to set the arrangements which are agreed upon before you live together, to avoid a legal dispute if you separate.

Protect Your Interests

Protect Yourself Against a Future Dispute on Separation

Here at Purcell Solicitors, we have worked with numerous couples who live together and cohabit.

Whether it is just the two of you, or children and pets are included, we can create a Living Together Agreement and suggest what terms should be in the Agreement to best protect your interests.

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