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Professional Advice Tailored To You

With Purcell Solicitors, you will have a team of family lawyers behind you.

Between us, we have an extensive wealth of knowledge and can provide advice and recommendations suitable to your individual circumstances. Our services cover all matters of family law, allowing us to offer advice and legal representation in several ways.

What We Offer

What Happens in Your Initial Meeting

We understand this is a big step but your first meeting with us is a chance to talk through your current situation, any questions or concerns and your desired outcome. This can cover anything from a small enquiry to essential and urgent matters.

To get the most out of your meeting, we will ask you to complete an online form which will enable us to consider how we can help you right from the start. This will also prompt you to consider various matters and prepare you for the meeting. Whether it is a general discussion or ongoing legal assistance, we will consult you on the next steps and estimated costs.

Remain In Control

Negotiations Which Keep You in Control

When you have planned a life with someone, there is often no plan on how to split that life between you. Agreeing on who is entitled to what or the arrangements for your children can become very complicated and emotional. Having a legal expert like Purcell Solicitors to assist, can reassure you that you are negotiating the best outcome.

We will work with you to help you reach an agreement, if possible, without formal legal proceedings, ensuring you remain in control rather than a decision being imposed. Here at Purcell, we are all members of Resolution whose Code of Conduct ensures we deal with family law matters in a conciliatory and amicable way to achieve practical and cost-effective solutions.

Beside You At Every Stage

Guiding You Through Court Proceedings

If Court proceedings are issued by yourself or your former partner, most cases still reach a settlement before a Court imposes one. If Court proceedings are necessary, we will represent you to reach an appropriate agreement if possible and if not, we ensure your case is presented to the Court to achieve the best outcome for you.

For many, Court can be a nervous experience and we will be beside you at every stage. Offering strategic, focused and cost-effective advice that will give you the best opportunity of reaching an agreement.

Who Are Purcell Solicitors?

We are a niche, specialist team of qualified Family Law Solicitors. Dedicated to using our specialised skillsets to support our clients through difficult periods in their lives. At any stage, the breakdown of a relationship is full of questions and challenges. The Purcell team provide a safe place where we can guide you through legal matters of finances, children’s welfare and separation.

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