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The Alternative Solution

Collaborative law is an out-of-court process to resolve issues between separating couples in a non-confrontational way.

It provides a safe environment where an amicable resolution regarding finance, assets and children can be reached by both sides to find legally binding solutions.

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Talk Don’t Litigate

For many couples, especially those with children, both parties want to maintain a respectful relationship after separation.

Collaborative law removes the formalities of the Court and focuses on finding an honest and sustainable outcome for everyone involved, particularly children. It is often a more convenient and cost-effective option too.

Reach An Agreement

How Does Collaborative Law Work?

With collaborative law, you and your partner sign an agreement committing to avoid Court.

Instead, you aim to reach a fair and equitable agreement in respect of financial matters following your separation or divorce. All meetings and negotiations are completed face-to-face with your family law solicitors present, advising you individually throughout. This is referred to as ‘4-ways’ and includes you, your partner and both of your collaborative lawyer representatives. You and your partner, with the help of your lawyers, set the agenda and timetable – discussing what matters to you, at your own pace. Practical and non-legal issues which would not be dealt with by the Court can be discussed and agreed upon, allowing you and your partner to move forward with your lives.

Amicable Resolution

Your Local Collaborative Lawyer

You and your ex-partner will need to seek professional advice and engage a collaborative lawyer.

Here at Purcell, we are fully trained in collaborative law and related family law services. We can therefore advise you in relation to all family law issues without the collaborative law process. Allowing you to reach an amicable resolution to children and financial matters after you separate.

Who Are Purcell Solicitors?

We are a niche, specialist team of qualified Family Law Solicitors. Dedicated to using our specialised skillsets to support our clients through difficult periods in their lives. At any stage, the breakdown of a relationship is full of questions and challenges. The Purcell team provide a safe place where we can guide you through legal matters of finances, children’s welfare and separation.

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