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What is an International Divorce

An international divorce refers to the end of a marriage where an international element plays a part.

This could include different nationalities, the couple relocating to another country, ex-partners living in different countries or where you choose to file for divorce. In any instance, international law can vary from country to country and it is wise to work with international divorce specialists.

What We Offer

International Divorce Lawyers

No matter where you or your ex-partner are located, Purcell Solicitors can assist you in English divorce or separation proceedings including those with international elements.

We regularly act for clients who live abroad but have legal proceedings in England.

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Finding The Right Jurisdiction

Before starting your international divorce, you need to consider in which country you want court proceedings to take place, also known as jurisdiction.

This is an important decision as that country will oversee all matters of your divorce, so, you want to find the jurisdiction which is best suited to your family’s situation.

Doing what’s best

International Child Law

If you and your ex-partner share children but are now living in different countries, it can be hard to communicate and make joint decisions on what is best for your children.

As specialists in family law, we can help you create formal contracts and provide professional advice on co-parenting overseas. Covering areas such as child arrangements, education, special occasions, and relocation.

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