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What Is Cohabitation?

In family law, Cohabitation refers to couples who live together and are unmarried. When cohabitees separate, they are not treated by law like those who are married or in civil partnerships.

However, there may be children or financial issues to resolve which can complicate matters. It is crucial to obtain legal advice from specialist lawyers to follow the right procedures as this is a complex area of the law.

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Common Law Marriage

Despite the popular use of this term, there is no such concept as a ‘common law marriage’, no matter how long you live together, unmarried, with your partner.

Therefore, your rights against the property or other shared investments are not the same as a spouse if your partner dies or the relationship ends.

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Protecting You And Your Future

It’s exciting when you decide to move in with your partner.

Although we all dream of a happy ever after, life sometimes gets in the way of our fairy tale ending. Couples should therefore consider a legal contract/document to protect their investments, finances or existing properties before moving in together. Our specialist family solicitors in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas can advise you in relation to this. Providing our expertise to assist with the drafting of a Cohabitation/Living Together Agreement if appropriate.

Separation Agreements

On separation, it is often beneficial to enter into a Separation Agreement which will detail the division of all assets including finances and property.

You can also include arrangements for children and pets. The issues within this agreement must be relevant and it should be drafted by a legal expert. In the event that agreement on separation between you is not possible, our specialist legal experts will consult in relation to any Court action that may be appropriate and/or Arbitration or mediation resolutions.

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