Family Mediation Week 18 - 22 January 2021

Online mediation in a global pandemic.

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Family Mediation Week 18 - 22 January 2021

Mediation awareness.

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Mediation is a voluntary, confidential, impartial process by which separating couples are helped to resolve their differences themselves with the aid of a trained mediator.  It is not counselling or concilliation -the aim is to assist you in reaching decisions that need to be made at the end of, or sometimes years after, the end of relationships.  

All discussions in mediation are undertaken on a "without prejudice" basis which means that you are free to explore all options, no matter how "outside the box" to test whether they will work for you into the future in reality.  If mediation is concerning financial matters on divorce then you will each complete a financial disclosure form so that discussions take place in the full knowledge of the financial position.  The aim of mediation is that by the end you will have a document setting out your proposals for the future.

You would each be seen individually to fully explore the process of mediation and whether it is right for you.  If mediation proceeds then it takes place by a series of meetings, typically 3 to 5 1.5-2 hour sessions although the process is tailored to your specific needs so could be more or less.  Please note that at present due to the Covid-19 pandemic all mediations are being undertaken online via Zoom video conferencing and no face to face sessions are taking place.  The work undertaken in mediation is transparent and you can see the progress being made for yourselves.  We will work with you to assist you in coming to your own decisions to resolve matters.

The advantage of mediation with Purcell is that Lisa is an experienced family solicitor and our mediation department is commended as a "highly capable..department" in Chambers and Partners 2021. Whilst Lisa will not give either of you legal advice, and you will be encouraged to take your own specific legal advice as you feel appropriate, she will provide you both with neutral legal information which can be invaluable in unlocking a way forward for the future.

Mediation can help couples at any time, whether before or after separation and whether or not legal proceedings have begun.  

Please contact Lisa Buckridge on 01908 693000 or for further information.

Our charges for mediation are £120 plus vat per person (i.e. £144 in total) for the individual mediation assessment meeting and £150 per hour plus vat per person (i.e. £180 per hour each) for mediation sessions.

If you are a solicitor who would like to refer a client to Purcell or you would like to refer yourself to mediation you can download and complete the relevant mediation referral form and email this to us.

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What our mediation client's say "I feel like I was given a voice and able to express myself with increasing confidence as the process went on"; "there were a few occasions which became emotional and confrontational.  Lisa handled these occasions professionally and sensitively and made sure we were both heard"; "I feel I could easily contact Lisa again if we needed to re-visit any issue". 

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