For individuals who experience difficulty in having children, surrogacy can be a route to becoming a parent. Whilst legal in the UK, paying a fee to a surrogate is not. You are only able to pay the surrogates 'reasonable expenses'. A surrogacy Agreement is not enforceable in the UK. Intended parents need to apply for a Parental Order to be recognised legally as the child’s parents and extinguish the surrogate’s parental rights. Following a recent change in the law a single parent can also now apply for a Parental Order.  It is important at the outset to seek specialist legal advice concerning parental and legal rights.

We are only able to advise you on Surrogacy on the law based in England and Wales and assisting you in obtaining a Parental Order. We are not able to take part in any negotiations in surrogacy arrangements and cannot review a surrogacy contract if you choose to enter into one. It is extremely important that you are aware of the legal implications of Surrogacy prior to embarking on the journey so that you and your intended child are legally protected as much as possible.

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