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Your well-being is our priority, particularly during the most difficult moments.

It is perhaps no surprise that, alongside moving house, the death of a loved one, major illness or loss of a job, divorce is one of the biggest life stressors. A divorce is a decision that carries huge practical and financial implications, as well as the emotional turmoil of coming to terms with a future that is not going to be, whether your choice or not, what you had planned.

The legal and practical aspects can be complex, all-consuming, and confusing, and you are often asked to make big decisions about your future at a time when you are navigating your emotions and the emotions of others impacted by the ending of the relationship.

It’s Essential to Allow Time for Your Feelings to Settle.

As with any major and life-altering event, it is essential, where possible, to allow time for your feelings to settle; decisions made at the height of high emotions can be tricky, and it may be beneficial to seek support from others. Fear of the unknown is common and can be paralysing, but there are reassuring ways to navigate the process and make the best decisions for your family.

We sometimes hear people feel they have no time or it is somewhat indulgent to look after their emotional well-being. Particularly when you are amid practical and sometimes urgent decisions whilst supporting others in the family, such as children who you will be trying to protect from any negative impact. However, in our experience, prioritising your own mental and physical well-being and health can often mean you are more confident in your decisions and stronger in supporting others, akin to the aeroplane message of “put your own mask on before others”.

Successful well-being methods vary depending on the individual. Some people will benefit from professional counselling or divorce coaches, some from mindfulness or meditation, and others reconnect with friends or personal hobbies. However you care for your well-being, the significance of it cannot be overstated.

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Choosing the Right Legal Professional to Work With is Also Very Important.

At Purcell, all of our solicitors are members of Resolution: a family organisation committed to resolving matters on divorce as amicably as possible. We adopt a constructive person-centred approach and strive to minimise the animosity that can arise when undertaking negotiations as to the division of your assets, financial settlements or arrangements for your children.

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